Why DIY Water Cleanup is Harmful

water damage columbus, water damage cleanup columbusDIY might seem like your best option when it comes to water damage cleanup. However, there are many reasons that “doing it yourself” may cause additional damage instead of resolving the problem.

With water damage, the most important factor is getting help quickly. Any standing water or leaks that are left untouched and untreated may result in further damage. Often, water damage restoration providers are available immediately to come to the scene and start performing corrective water damage techniques.

Choosing to call a restoration service provider will always help prevent further water damage, and trained professionals will be able to begin the cleanup process more quickly. Damage may occur on a deeper level when left unattended for even a short amount of time.

In addition, water damage requires a delicate and often time-consuming procedure. When trying to do it yourself, it may be easier to be impatient with the drying process. As well, because of the nature of water and its low viscosity (or its ability to flow and spread fluidly), trying to take care of the problem yourself may result in overlooked areas in small cracks and crevices. Certain corners may end up left unattended if one is under the assumption that the water didn’t reach that area, and drawers, shelves, furniture, and other objects may have been affected but not treated, in addition.

Drywall, normally used to form interior walls, and subflooring, a layer of flooring built for support in floors, are often affected by water damage under the surface available to the naked eye. Calling a trained professional will assure you that all spaces, even those you can’t see, are taken care of and treated. The biggest mistake you can make is to ignore the possibility of water damage in base home components.

Concerning areas that are not seen when looking at the surface, specialized equipment may be needed to assess the true damage and dry the area out completely. Using towels to soak up the water, or using mops and fans to help with the drying process is often not enough to thoroughly dry out the damaged area. Equipment that detects moisture is essential in located water damaged areas, and equipment designed to dehumidify on the commercial level are normally only available through water damage specialized companies.

Being aware that some water damage situations may be dangerous is another reason to avoid attempting to DIY cleanup in your home. Mold from aforementioned hidden areas can release contaminating spores when left over time. Chemicals that react to water may release as well, polluting the air. Any structural damage or leaked sewage may further affect your home, causing more issues for the future.

The best way to keep furniture, other important items safely unaffected is to call a water damage restoration specialist to help clear damaged areas and allow them to decontaminate any surrounding areas. At Southeast Restoration we have experienced, professional employees who are trained to use the right tools to help effectively dry and restore your home back to its former perfect state. Try to choose the safest option available to you.

Water Damage

Professional water damage restoration is the process of reducing the amount of standing water or moisture that happens after a flood or water leak and preventing additional damage by taking quick and appropriate actions. Water damage can be the result of an outdoor flood, plumbing failure, appliance malfunction, slow water leak, damage roof or gutters, cracked foundation, etc.

Some restoration companies offer full water damage restoration services, from the cleanup to content restoration to complete remodeling. Other companies only offer water removal services. When writing about water damage refer to the client’s website to determine what they offer.

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