When Should I Call A Mold Removal Specialist?

It is disturbing to spot mold in your house or property. What some people may not know is that it can cause health problems.

You should look for mold inspection and removal service professionals if you suspect or see a mold problem in your property in Columbus, GA. They’re knowledgeable and have modern equipment to carry out successful mold remediation processes.

Mold Remediation Specialists are knowledgeable  and well-equipped.  -

It can be very risky for homeowners if they decide to get rid of mold using their methods especially because they might have to use chemicals to clean surfaces.

Lack of restoration services and construction experience can be very costly and dangerous. Below are various signs that show you it’s time to call a mold removal specialist:      

If You See Mold With Your Naked Eyes

If you spot mold contamination especially in areas with a lot of moisture like in the bathroom walls and floors, around the shower pipes and curtains. If you look around and realize a large area has a mold issue, you should call a mold removal specialist.

Mold damage might accelerate quickly and will be difficult to control later. Mold remediation experts will do a great job of mold removal and damage restoration.  

Musty Smell

If can smell mold that is musty or/and moist which also resembles that of decaying wood or wet socks, you should find and contact the best mold remediation company in Columbus, GA and let them inspect your property.

A Musty Smell Is A Sign Of Mold

This must just be the beginning of other risky issues such as health problems. If you’re breathing mold, it also means you’re inhaling its spores from the air which is a health hazard.

Health issues might include headache, pneumonia, asthma reaction, allergy symptoms, digestive problems, and others. 

Excess Moisture Or Water Damage

For mold spores, excessive moister either as a result of a leak or a previous case of water damage is an ideal opportunity to grow. A pipe can also break and take time before you notice leading to the accumulation of moisture and mold growth.

You Had Seen And Removed Mold  Before

Another reason why you should call a professional mold remediation company is when you spot mold days after getting rid of minor mold issues. This could mean the mold contamination is spreading and your home needs mold inspection and removal.

Mold Inspection Vs. Mold Testing

Mold inspection priority is to identify mold presence and the size of the issue mostly presented in square footage. Mold testing on the other hand tries to identify the type of mold present in the house and the concentration of mold spores in the air. 

However, keep the following in mind while thinking about a mold test:

1. Conditions required to carry out proper scientific mold tests cannot be easily achieved in a home and the tests will therefore vary irrespective of performing numerous mold remediation efforts.

2. Because mold spores from outside tend to drift inwards towards indoor spaces, the mold test results will not be accurate since it will be detecting spores from outdoor.

3. There are no acceptable amounts of mold spores or mold in a property. A mold test is not considered a useful form of measurement to keep yourself safe. Instead, experts recommend that you contact and hire professional mold removal technicians to get rid of mold growth.

What Happens During A Mold Inspection

For the most part, mold inspection involves visual inspection of mold in a property. The major difference is the use of advanced tools to access difficult-to-reach areas.

A mold inspector might also use cameras and moisture meters to determine wet areas, especially after remediation.

A properly trained moisture inspector will include conversations with the property owner to determine areas where mold was discovered or areas that had water damage or moisture problem in the past.

Sometime Mold Inspection May Involve Destroying A Part Of Drywall

A moisture inspector will even have to damage drywall in the section where he or she thinks it’s affected. The inspector will also have to search for the source of the moisture which is mostly responsible for mold growth.

The homeowner and mold inspector will develop a remediation plan. Sometimes you can directly move to the remediation process if you already know where mold is growing. The mold remediation also involves assessing the damage which some mold removal companies may call mold inspection.   

Finding The Right Mold Inspector

Look for specific expertise and experience in mold inspection and removal services. Ask friends and family in your Columbus, GA neighborhood because they may have experienced the same mold problems and they might know someone.

Also compare quotes when looking for mold remediation companies. Check your labor or health department if mold inspectors in your area are required to have certification or license.

Look if they’re also insurance carriers to make sure the damage and any possible injuries in the course of restoration are covered. 

After The Inspection

The next step after mold inspection and detection of contamination is the remediation process. In most cases, it begins with cleaning up and repairing the source of moisture such as sealing plumbing leaks. They will then scrub and wash the hard surfaces.

Soft surfaces like foam tiles and carpets might need replacement because sometimes it’s impossible to clean up porous surfaces. 

It is wise to call and hire an experienced mold remediation services provider to get rid of mold contamination in your property.

What Affects The Cost Of Mold Removal In Columbus, GA

There are two primary factors that affect the price of mold removal services size of mold growth and whether the mold remediation company has to destroy and reconstruct parts of the property.

These factors also contribute to long hours of inspecting mold. Digging under the crawlspace or through drywall will cost a higher price because of extra work and time.

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A Professional Mold Removal Will Provide A Quality Service

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