What To Do If Your Home Has Sustained Damage After a Storm

As a property or homeowner, storm damage can be devastating, leaving you feeling lost. It can be overwhelming when you start worrying about your family’s safety, property restoration, and getting everything back in order.

With severe thunderstorms becoming more common in recent years, having a strategy to deal with the devastation of the storm damage is of utmost importance. Here are a few things you can do if your home sustains such damage.

Safety First

During a storm, your home may sustain flood damage, damaging winds, or get struck by lightning. Whichever damage your property sustains, the aftermath of the disaster can present other severe risks, injuries, and dangers. For this reason, the first thing to do is to ensure you and your family are safe and sound and contact your local fire department in case of an emergency. It is not advisable to take the unnecessary risk of checking and documenting the damage to your property. When it is safer, you can carry on. 

Certain hazards include jagged windows, collapsed walls, gas line leakages, downed power lines, flooding or standing water, and caved-in roof materials. Others include displaced screws, exposed nails, broken glass, and other sharp bits and pieces common in storm damage.

If the structural integrity of your house has been compromised, it is recommendable to evacuate or arrange for a temporary housing alternative for you and your family until your house is safe again for habitation.

Assessing and Recording the Storm Damage

Once you have determined it is safe enough to move around your property, you can assess the damage after inspecting the area. Although it is an emotionally challenging exercise, it provides vital evidence when making your insurance claim. This is especially true if your insurance policy covers only particular types of damage.

You can use your smartphone or camera to capture videos and photographs. As you continue documenting your home’s exterior and interior damage, be cautious, especially if the property has evidence of structural damage. Some of the things to capture include:

• Broken doors and windows

• Leaks or holes in the roof, dents on gutters and vents; missing, broken, or loose shingles

• Fire damage

• Moisture damage

• Exposed power lines

• Basement flooding

• Since most homeowner’s insurance policies cover personal property to a certain limit, document the destruction or loss of personal items

• Broken or damaged furniture and appliances as a result of water damage

If you had pictures of your house before the storm struck, it could be quite helpful in comparing the before and after images. This confirms to your insurer that you are not blaming the disaster for preexisting damages.

Contact your Insurer 

After documenting the storm damage, you should contact your insurance agent or company to explain your situation immediately. Provide proper documentation as well as photos when discussing the damage. For this, our experienced personnel at South East Restoration will guide you through the proper process of making a claim. 

After this, your insurance company will send an adjuster to properly evaluate the considerable damage extent before issuing payment for repairs. At this point, it is essential to discuss with the adjuster to get an accurate claim estimate. Also, some insurance policies do not offer flood damage coverage. So, confirm your insurance policy coverage if you live in a storm-prone area in Fortson, GA, less you get stuck paying for it yourself.

Contact your Mortgage Servicer

This is the company you make your monthly payments to. After experiencing crippling storm damage, you may find it hard to make the monthly payments. Ensure you talk to them to avoid incurring late fee charges, which negatively reflect on your credit score. Contact them after the catastrophe to discuss possible options for mortgage relief. One option could be mortgage forbearance, allowing you to stop payments for an agreed period or make partial payments.

Find Federal Assistance after Severe Weather

The federal government offers various assistance to victims of disasters. For instance, the Federal Emergency Management Agency offers aid to victims of storm damage. Some of the help you get includes family meals, temporary housing, filing your insurance claims, and repairs.

Additionally, you may be eligible for a low-cost loan if your area of residence in Columbus, GA, was declared a storm disaster area following reports from the National Weather Service. You can use this loan to assist in restoring your home. After filing the required documents, you may qualify for these loans even though your insurance policy might not be solid.

Prevention of Further Damage

After everything has finally settled, you can do some emergency repairs and cleanup of debris, preventing further damage to your property. However, you must be extra cautious about your safety. Also, do not make permanent and major repairs before the adjuster assesses your property.

Clean your patio, deck, yard, gutters, and roof of any debris. You can cover any broken windows or holes in your roof to prevent rain or gusty winds from seeping in. However, you will need the help of your local Columbus storm damage restoration service provider to help with the cleanup.

Keep all the Records

If you are to receive your fair reimbursement, ensure you save every receipt for labor and materials as well as additional expenses. Well-organized documentation of your paperwork is essential when claiming your homeowner’s insurance.

Again, professional damage restoration companies have experience in dealing with insurance companies and can assist you in organizing all your documentation for making a claim.

The Best Restoration Services for Storm Damage, Columbus, GA

Despite all the necessary tips on what to do when your property sustains storm damage, the best solution is always letting the experts handle it. At Southeast Restoration, we have a team of extremely experienced and skilled professionals to handle any storm damage in Columbus, GA. Our services are fast and thorough, ensuring minimal damage to your property. 

Whether you are dealing with fire damage, mold, water damage, or storm damage, our emergency response has the expertise and equipment to get your property back to its original state in no time. So, if you are looking for expert restoration services in Columbus, GA, look no further; Southeast Restoration is your perfect partner.

For more on what to do after you have sustained storm damage, visit Southeast Restoration at our office in Fortson, GA.  

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