What Happens During the Fire Damage Restoration Process

Fire damages can be vast, expensive, and very dangerous to handle. Reports from the U.S Fire Administration indicate that fires cause property damages worth billions every year. In essence, fire will strike when they are least expected.

The recovery process after facing fire damage is quite involved. However, you are most likely to experience a greater chance of success if the fire damage cleanup and repair operations happen in the shortest time possible.

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Here’s what happens during the fire damage restoration process in places like Athens GA.

Fire Damage Restoration Process

The first step to take is to assess the extent of the fire damage. The assessment process will help you determine the costs you will incur during the fire damage restoration process. Remember, each fire will come with a unique personality. As such, the extent of damage will also differ.

Take advantage of the assessment process to determine how deep the fire penetrated the home’s structure, smoke and soot coverage, and any signs of heat damage revealed on your furniture and fixtures. It would be a great idea to hire the services of a professional fire restoration company to deal with the assessment process.

A professional damage restoration company will document everything you will need when dealing with your insurance company. Be keen to remove every piece of furniture that will be untouched by the fire damage. Find out how our damage restoration services in Athens can work to mitigate damage immediately and prevent further damage in Athens, GA.

We have the experience, knowledge, and overall expertise to conduct effective restoration services in Athens. Whether we need to work with your insurance company or conduct an emergency response as early as today, our team certainly handles various parts of the process. From smoke residue to smoke odor mitigation, our restoration company can certainly deal with it all.

Only Seek the Services of Southeast Restoration

Fire damages can be very costly to handle. Nonetheless, getting an expert will help you do the work efficiently. Your insurance company could come in handy with recommendations on the best fire damage restoration service company to seek help. At the same time, Southeast Restoration will ensure to treat your home or business with respect and conduct restoration work that genuinely makes a difference.

Our Southeast Restoration ensures to provide an excellent service, conduct effective restoration work for structural damage and other issues within your home or business.

But what makes us different is that we ensure to stay transparent before you sign a repair contract with our company. Take your time, our aim is to make sure that you are fully aware of all the requirements, the time it will take, and the services you need to get your property back to the right level.

Secure the foundation

The fire damage restoration process should emphasize preventing further harm to your house. You must take your roof, floor, and walls through a thorough inspection process. It would be a great idea to conduct a standard eyeball test to determine any leaks and mold growths in your interiors.

A professional fire damage restoration company will use vapor barriers and moisture. 

Clean and Start The Removal Process

Fire damage comes with soot and smoke that may be hectic and a bit of a hassle to clean. It is not only difficult to clean but it can certainly create long term problems if not dealt with in the right manner. Whether it is a leaky roof, mold, or other concerns, remember that our Southeast Restoration experts can remove mold, conduct water damage restoration and water damage repair for your property.

It will be impossible for you to complete the cleanup process on your own without the help of an expert. Remember, the stains that affect your house when a fire strikes will go beyond the surface. You will need an expert to do the sanding, deep scrubbing, and finish restoring your home to its desired state.

Similarly, it will be a great idea to begin cleaning the upholstery and carpeting in your home any time you want to get rid of the odors that remain after the fire. You may have to toss out any of the upholstered furniture that is cheap to replace. It may not be economical to try cleaning such furniture.

Start the Repairs

Fire damage situations will leave your furniture, wall, roof, and floor in a bad state. Be keen to scrap and repaint your ceilings and walls. Seeking the services of an expert will help you a great deal. Conversely, restoration would be the only option for the priceless pieces in your home, as the family furniture and heirlooms.

You may consider applying a sealant over any pieces of unfinished wood that were destroyed by fire, smoke, or soot. In essence, the bond will help in trapping any smoke or soot odors. Conversely, you may strip, sand, and refinish any finished wood pieces that were affected by the fire damage.

Of course, this is where property restoration experts who have experience with water damage restoration will come in handy. They have the service knowledge and the business experience to help you and your family get back to your daily lives in a defined time.

Start the renovation process

Fire damage situations present homeowners with an excellent opportunity to start renovations. While some repairs will need minimal input, others will require a lot of time and resources to complete. Conversely, you may need to start over if the fire damage is so extensive that you will not be able to restore the affected areas of your home.

Remember, the renovation process presents you with an excellent opportunity to get rid of the trauma you went through when dealing with the fire damage. It would be advisable to seek the services of a fire damage restoration company as they will offer renovation services that will accompany both the repairs and restoration activities. An experienced team of contractors at Southeast Restoration will make an assessment that will help you get the most out of the restoration process.

Get the Right Independently Owned Business to Handle Fire Damage Situations

Fire damage restoration processes go beyond the regular cleaning and repair operations. Remember, the fire will have a tremendous negative effect on the vital areas of your home like the foundation, walls, and roofing. As a result, you may face many difficulties making tough decisions when you are under stress.

You don’t need to struggle to make tough decisions on your own when faced with fire damage. Instead, reach out to a company that will provide you with the necessary tools to restore your home to its original state. Contact us today.

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