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Spotting Water Damage In A Walk-Through Of A Home in Macon

When walking through a home you are considering buying, it is important to be hyper-aware of any possible baggage that can accompany houses in the Macon area. One of the most underestimated issues new homeowners encounter is water damage. By carefully looking for each of the warning signs for water damage listed below, you will be able to avoid the undesirable surprise of finding water damage in your new home.

Ceiling Stains

A common indication of a home that has water damage is stains on the ceiling. These stains may present themselves in a variety of different places, shapes, and colors (although they are often black, brown, or yellow). A good rule of thumb to follow is that if you see any unusual discoloration on the ceiling, you should do more investigation to determine the source of the stain.

Black Streaks

If you are thinking of buying a cheaper home that has been vacant for a while, you should not be surprised to see mold problems. Black streaks on the walls and carpeting signify a potentially serious mold problem in the home. Mold will penetrate deep within the plastered walls so if you can see it on the outside of the wall, it’s a pretty good indication that there is mold all throughout the home, room, or at least the wall. Companies like Southeast Restoration are equipped to take a look at a home like this for you to determine the extent of a mold problem and what steps need to be taken to fix it.

water damage athens, water damage cleanup athensA Musty Odor

No one likes a musty odor in a home. There is something worse behind the undesirable smell, though. That is the fact the smell probably comes from a mold problem. Thus, if you detect a musty smell in your home you should begin to inspect its source immediately. It can be hard to find the source of the mold based off of smell alone so you may need to call a cleaning and restoration company to help you find and address the mold problem.

Soft Spots

Sometimes you have to play detective to notice the more subtle indications of water damage. For example, black mold can grow on the inside of walls and underneath floors and can be just as risky for your health when the spores are airborne. While you are walking through, make sure you notice if there are any soft spots in the flooring, especially in kitchens, laundry rooms, or bathrooms. You should also feel the walls to test for any soft spots. Even if you do not feel any damp spots, you may feel some bubbling where water separated the paint from the drywall.

It is worth taking every possible precaution before buying a home. Being on the lookout for water damage issues during a walkthrough of a home is one important precaution that can save you a serious headache in the future. If you ever need a home inspected for water damage and mold damage, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Southeast Restoration in Macon.

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