Water Damage – From The Flood To The Cleanup

water damage augusta, water damage cleanup augusta, water damage restoration augustaFrom dealing with the initial shock of a flood, to hiring a water damage restoration contractor and dealing with your insurance company, water damage restoration is a long process. To help you be prepared for that process if your home is ever flooded, we have listed each of those steps below. That way, you can always know what the next step is and be more confident throughout what is typically a very stressful process. And don’t forget, we at Southeast Restoration Group in Augusta are one such company dedicated to helping you with any and all of your water damage restoration needs. 

The Flood And Stages Of Water Damage

Stage 1 

This initial stage includes two components, the flow of the floodwater and the settling of the floodwater and gravity levels it out. It will level out as the water finds cracks in the flood and other openings. Given enough time, it is likely that the water will eventually find a way to leak down into your basement. Quick action at this stage is critical as it will minimize the overall harm and costs of cleanup. 

Stage 2 

During Stage 2, materials in contact with floodwater are damaged as they absorb it. Materials like drywall, gypsum board, carpet, and furniture are especially susceptible to this. Quick action is key to preventing further destruction. 

Stage 3 

During Stage 3, damage from humidity occurs. As the moisture evaporates, previously unaffected areas of the home take on moisture and are damaged as well. 

Stages 4 And 5 

In these stages, mold growth begins and then becomes rampant. In just a matter of days, mold can spread throughout the entire home and cause significant destruction. 

The Water Damage Cleanup

Safety First

Your safety is the first priority. If you can avoid it, don’t risk going back into your home after a flood. Hazards like electrocution, contaminated water, and structural damage are all relevant concerns and are best handled by a professional cleaning and restoration company. 

Stop The Flow 

As soon as possible, you should stop the flow (but only if you can do so safely). If the floodwater is coming from inside your home, all you need to do is locate the shutoff valve and turn it off.

Call A Water Damage Restoration Company In Augusta

The most important step you can take in during damage restoration is to call a reputable cleaning and restoration company for help. They will be able to effectively repair the affected areas in a prompt manner and keep you safe in the process. 

Call Your Insurance Company

Finally, you should contact your insurance company to begin the process of filing your claim. Make sure you clearly document all the destruction done to your home as that will be an important part of filing your claim. 

Don’t let all of these steps overwhelm you. Just take the water damage one step at a time and remember that we at Southeast Restoration Group in Augusta are just one call away from being right by your side throughout the entire process. 

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