Water Damage From A/C Leak

water damage augusta, water damage repair augusta, water damage cleanup augustaYou’re ready for another  fabulous summer.  Enjoy a stroll along the banks of the Savannah River. Hike or bike the path at the Augusta Canal National Heritage Area. Pick up a treasure at First Friday Downtown. Summers in Augusta are the best and average a high temperature of 90– pleasant as long as you have reliable air conditioning. 

As the temperature outside climbs, you turn the thermostat inside down. The AC circulates cool air through the house keeping everyone comfortable. Unless you hear a drip-drip-drip or discover wet walls. Leaky attic units can quickly soak everything from ceilings to baseboards. You have to address repairs to the unit, but you also need to take care of water damage from an air conditioner leak right away.

Since you know Augusta will be hot, pay attention to your hard working unit. If you notice water dripping from your A/C vents, the reasons range from fairly simple to complex. Below are the top reasons why your vents may be dripping water:

Dirty Air Filter

The most common cause of problems is the cheapest to prevent. Dirty air filters can cause your A/C to freeze up because the air is obstructed by dirt, dust, and other particles. When your unit is turned off, the ice buildup in the coils will start to melt and will result in water leaks. Replace your air filters every three months. Experts recommend getting air filters with a higher MERV rating as it will last longer, but an $8 filter changed every month is better than forgetting.

Clogged Drain Line

Your condensate drain line is responsible for carrying out the moisture produced by the evaporator coils. When the drain pipe is clogged by mold, algae, and sludge, it pushes the water back into the pan and causes it to overflow from your A/C vent. Head outside to the condenser unit;  your drain line is clogged if it is overflowing. You should also look for rust on the furnace since corrosion is another sign of a clogged drain line.

Damaged Drain Pan

Another inexpensive product that protects your home is a shallow, plastic pan that sits under the unit. In the event that the unit leaks, the pan can catch a modest amount. Your A/C’s drain pan performs an important purpose by being a reservoir where the excess water from the unit collects. The drain pan then carries the water to the drain line. If this pan is damaged, the excess water won’t be able to drain properly. So a $20-30 replacement can potentially save you thousands. 

Low Refrigerant Level

This situation requires a professional HVAC technician. A low refrigerant level can cause ice to form ice buildup in the coil, which is another source of water leaks as soon as the ice melted. Also, exposure to refrigerant leaks is alarming because of the chemicals, putting your health and safety at risk. Seek immediate help from a licensed repairman to get it fixed promptly.

If Your A/C Caused Water Damage in Augusta

You’ll need an HVAC crew to fix the cause of the leak. Then Southeast Restoration Group (SRG) will clean up and repair any resulting water damage. This full-service licensed general contractor restores property in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and Tennessee. In Augusta, call them for any emergency services, mitigation, structural repairs and construction services. For more information please contact the team.

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