Water Damage Cleanup In Columbus – Saving Your Floors

water damage columbus, water damage cleanup columbus, water damage remediation columbusWater damage cleanup is one of the most common reasons people make claims on their home insurance. Burst pipes, leaky appliances and flooded basements are always a terrible surprise. As you stand in your living room or kitchen, surveying the aftermath, your next question is “what are the chances that we need to replace the floors?” Is this a one hundred, a one thousand dollar, or a $10,000 problem?

Southeast Restoration Group in Columbus has worked on hundreds of water damaged properties and cleanup up floors that have been damaged by water. Here are some things you should know about how water affects different types of flooring.


Both wall-to wall carpets and area rugs act as sponges. If the moisture was a small amount, removed quickly and not contaminated, you might be fine. Be aware that water damage cleanup professionals use three categories to classify water based on the level of contamination. “Clean water” from sources that are not health hazards like rain, a broken water supply line, clean basement seepage, or runoff from your yard are all considered Category 1. 

However, “black water” like raw sewage contains bacteria and viruses and is a serious health threat to humans. Industry guidelines recommend the removal and safe disposal of all porous furnishings involved in a Category 3 disaster. (Definitely the carpet will be trash.)

Your first priority is to get the Southeast Restoration Group team in to make an assessment and begin cleaning NOW!

Various Natural Materials

In general, inorganic materials are more waterproof but here are three organic options:

  • Old fashioned linoleum flooring is oil-based and naturally good against water. Like vinyl, however, linoleum tile has seams that water can work into.
  • Cork flooring offers a rustic, cushioned surface. When well-sealed, sheets of cork are a great alternative in entries and bathrooms due to mildew resistance.  
  • Bamboo is a grass but bamboo flooring is heavily processed with chemicals and resins that are water-resistant (though not waterproof.)

Hardwood Floors

Water damaged floors can be extremely costly to repair – even if the damage is relatively mild, depending on the extent of clean up needed. Rotted wood can lead to mold infestations, then air quality problems. Again, the condition of your floors, the amount of water, and the time exposed will all factor in. Southeast Restoration Group knows how expensive they are and will do everything possible to save them. 

Solid hardwoods have additional options; perhaps they can be sanded down or individual planks can be replaced.


Well-installed engineered wood and laminate floors are water resistant but definitely not water-proof. Laminate flooring is less successful when faced with standing water. Due to its melamine wear layer, it has a tough finish which resists against scratches and may have minor protection against quick spills.

Generally, laminate flooring with open edges will maintain its original dimensions after about two hours of submerged water exposure. After about four hours, the flooring begins to soak up water, and this is considered the point of no return.

Natural Stone

Stone tiles offer a timeless look and feel for bathrooms and can last a lifetime if properly maintained. Marble tiles are sophisticated and beautiful with their own unique vein patterns and streaks of color. Limestone and travertine are formed from sedimentary materials. Slate, on the other hand, is naturally slip resistant and retains heat easily– a great option for bathroom flooring for minimizing slips and keeping toes warm.

In order to withstand water damage, seal these porous materials every few years for protection against moisture and liquids.

Fired Tiles And Concrete

Luckily, these floor coverings are considered impervious to water: ceramic tile, porcelain tile, polished concrete, bricks. Just check that the grout is undamaged. If the material in between the tiles is not sealed, there is a tiny chance that tiles could loosen or mold could grow.

For Water Damage Cleanup In Columbus

Water damaged floors require immediate attention. Call in the experts to increase your chances of cleaning and repairing the. Our team also provides professional deodorization, complete sanitizing,  air ducts cleaning, odor removal, and structural repairs. Southeast Restoration Group is licensed in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and Tennessee. Contact us as soon as possible for expert water damage cleanup. 

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