The Potential Dangers of Water Damage

Water Damage can occur anytime and catch even the most prepared homeowners by surprise. It is important to call a restoration company as soon as you notice signs of water damage and suspect there is water damage in your home or business. Don’t hesitate, because the longer you wait to call for professional help, the more damage the water will cause, which will make the restoration process more expensive than necessary. If you live in sunny Athens, Georgia and are hit with a water emergency, Southeast Restoration is a professional company that is on call 24/7 and will come to your aid as quickly as possible. Hiring a professional company to come to your aid is extremely important. These professional restoration technicians are trained and certified to help situations just like yours. They have developed skills and had practice to be able to detect hidden water damage and deal with a wide variety of situations. Professionals have high quality equipment used for water extraction and drying. When you call in professional technicians they will be able to examine your property to assess the damage, explain the situation to you, and develop a unique and strategic plan to fit your needs. A team of technicians will be on the job quickly to efficiently restore your property to its pre-loss conditions. Put your trust in a team who is there for you in your time of need to help.

Water damage is not only frustrating, but can be dangerous as well. One could assume that all water damage is similar, but this is not the case. There are 3 categories of water, and these categories measure the level of contamination.

potential water damage

Category 1 Water

This type of water is clean and safe, and can be found in homes, businesses, schools, and other properties. This water may have come from a faucet, a drinking fountain, a toilet tank, a shower head, etc. If water damage were to happen, this type of damage is the best case scenario because it is not harmful to people. It is also generally easy to dry and restore furnishings and structures. It becomes a bigger problem if ignored, because clean water can become contaminated if left alone for long enough, and turn into category 2 water.

Category 2 Water

Also known as “gray water”. Water becomes classified as a Category 2 when it has been contaminated in some way. If there are physical, chemical, or biological contaminants that could make people consumed or negatively affect health, this is Category 2. Examples where this water is located may include a dishwasher, sump pumps, washing machines, or a toilet with no feces. These contaminants can travel through the water and seep into other surfaces. In your home these surfaces could be drywall or insulation. It is important to stay clear of contaminated areas. Technicians will put in extra cleaning effort and be sure to decontaminate affected areas.

Category 3 Water

This category is also referred to as “black water”. Black water is completely unsanitary and contaminated. Toilet, sewer, river, or lake water would be contaminated. Severe illness would be a result of consuming this water, and it is very important to get professional help for restoration from Category 3 water. Just like Category 2 water, it is best to stay away from any affected areas.

When faced with water damage, don’t hesitate to contact Southeast Water Damage. Our professionally trained team is ready to help or offer any advice you may need.

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