The Dangers Of DIY Water Damage Repair

water damage repair athens, water damage cleanup athensPinterest is a great place to find plenty of fun, useful DIY projects. From bookshelves to home decor, to outdoor hacks and your favorite recipes, odds are you will most likely find something that fits you and your hobbies. This is so marvelous that sometimes, Pinterest can become a search engine for all our problems, quick-fixes, and DIY needs. However, did you know that Do-It-Yourself methods of water damage repair are actually very dangerous and could lead to harm and further damage? Here’s how.

Oftentimes, the people writing the DIY hacks to water damage repair aren’t actual professionals. Additionally, most quick-fixes don’t tell you how to detect more serious, underlying problems like mold and structural damage.

Mold cannot always be seen. Sometimes it hides behind walls and floors, and if you cover it up with a quick-fix, it might go undetected until it poses a major health hazard. There are roughly 1,000 species of mold in the United States — many of which aren’t visible to the naked eye, and if mishandled can lead to respiratory issues for those with a mold sensitivity. You may not even know you have a mold sensitivity until you’ve been overexposed. It is better to have a professional check every nook and cranny to prevent mold spores from growing than to use that quick-fix you found on the internet.

The structure of your home can also be damaged by DIY water damage repair. That seems a little counterproductive, doesn’t it? Yet, it is a very legitimate issue in more than one way. Firstly, the actual water damage may seep beneath walls and under carpets and floorboards where you can’t see it, so the problem may seem easier to fix than it actually is. It may warp floorboards, tilt window and door frames, decay roofs, as well as rust pipes, damage gas lines, and even crack the foundation of your home. As you can see, a few towels and fans aren’t going to hold a candle to the professional repair required to fix these serious problems. In addition, you yourself may damage the structure of your home by trying to fix the problem yourself. Some next-level DIY water damage repair jobs call for ripping up carpet or drywall to get back to those hard-to-reach spaces. You might even try to fix wet insulation, damaged pipes, or even electrical circuits. This is not a good idea, as it is not only harmful to your home but also puts you and anyone involved in serious danger. Wading right into water damage can mean putting yourself in the way of debris, screws, nails, broken glass, bacteria, and other contaminants that could potentially harm you and anyone else trying to help.

All-in-all, the best, safest, most hassle-free way to handle water damage is to get ahold of your local restoration service and let the professionals safely assess and take care of the situation. If you live in the Athens area, you can call Southeast Restoration 24/7 around the clock.

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