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- The Toskey Story

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- The Wilson Story

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- The EJohnson Story

- The Carroll Family

- The Davis Story

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- The Disability Connections Story

- The Pence Story

Southeast did a fantastic job restoring our home.  Jeff was our project manager and he was extremely helpful and flexible making sure we were satisfied with every detail and concern.  We were very happy with their work.

- CPT N. Hicks

- The Johnson Story

5 Star...Top notch service given.  Very professional and timely in everything they did.  They kept us very informed throughout the process.  Over and beyond the typical service in my opinion.

- CPT A. Keve

The folks at Southeast Restoration are professional, communicative, and patient, having them repair our home has been a great experience.

- A. Dancy

This company is the best.  They helped me through the most difficult situation I have ever faced and made me whole again.

- R. Irwin

Southeast Restoration and Project Manager Kyle Bailey, Kyle is very well rounded and knowledgeable in his field.  Kyle always communicated the status of the work being done especially when friday came around for the weekend work.  Kyle offered advice and guidance through his years of experience and created very little hassle for the homeowner.

- SSG Lavelle

- The LaFramboise Story

Ian, Alex and the group at Southeast  Restoration were a pleasure to work with and the restoration was clean and professional.  I would definitely recommend Southeast and would use them again.

- C. Sample

We had a a lot of water damage to our home and Southeast Restoration has been doing the repairs.  Trent Lane is our project manager and they have done an amazing job.  Everything has been done well above our expectations.

- G.J. Shrader

I was very pleased with Southeast Restoration and the project manager Kyle Bailey.  Kyle and his crew were very professional and he responded to any question I had promptly.  They did a very good job and I would use them again and I highly recommend them.

- R. Livingston

Ray Wilkerson with Southeast Restoration is professional, courteous and is a role model for business ethics.  He not only came out and explained the work repairs to be done, he made sure everything was done correctly.  If it wasn't up to his professional standards it was done over.  Mr. Wilkerson makes sure his customers are happy.  Thank you.

- A. Braxton

The folks at Southeast Restoration were great.  We had a huge project after a water supply line broke and ran for 2-3 hours.  Everyone I worked with at Southeast Restoration was great from Chad Geist to the project lead Tripp Lange were great to work with and they worked in sync with my homeowners insurance company.  Quality of repair was also excellent.  I would highly recommend them.

- A. Rowe

This in the best restoration experience we have ever had.  They were professional, courteous, caring, honest and punctual.  They will coordinate with you and make adjustments in the work schedule in the event of a family illness, etc.  They will complete the job in a timely fashion and guarantee satisfaction.  Southeast Restoration is A OK.

- J. Julien

My experience with Southeast Restoration was extremely positive. A winter storm caused damage to my roof which came at a stressful time.  From the initial consultation with the estimator, I knew I was in good hands and would be taken care of.  All the options for my roofing were explained in details.  The work was completed quickly and thoroughly.  The manager of the project, Tripp Lange examined every detail of my roofing to make sure the work was to its highest standard.  He went above and beyond to make sure I was taken  care of and felt satisfied with the work all the way to completion.  I would recommend this company to anyone and definitely will in the future.

- C. Crump

Exceptional company - assessed the damage, executed a mitigation plan immediately and like second nature followed the restoration process systematically.

- J. Calderon

While out of town for a weekend, we got a call that our neighbor's house was on fire and our home received some damage.  Southeast Restoration contacted us and made arrangements to meet with an approved to inspect our home without us having to cut our trip short and come home early.  Once home, representatives of Southeast Restoration communicated with us openly, offering advice for additional improvements we were considering, and patiently waited on us to complete those repairs, before they could start their work and complete our project.  Once given the green light from us they were in and out completely residing our entire house within two days.  A foreman came out a few days later and walked the property with my husband to ensure all expectations were met on our end and that the foreman could sign off on the work as completed to Southeast Restoration standards.  Every employee that we came in contact with has been helpful, polite, and very easy to communicate and work with.  The representatives of this company made our process seamless.

- M. Floyd

Southeast Restoration Group helped our family in the time of need.  They are very professional and showed a lot of compassion for what me and my family were experiencing.  Ian, our PM, was very detailed oriented and had a lot of compassion and Christian values.  Thank you, for all you have done.

- T. Peirce

In the beginning of January upon a return from a 1 week absence to our home we walked into a flooded lower level, due to a ruptured water line from the extended cold temperatures.  A positive referral to Southeast Restoration Group from a neighbor led us to phone for help.  SRG arrived with 1 hour of our telephone call on a Sunday night!  The Restoration Techs, James and Patrick, were extremely professional and competent.  All standing water was removed, fans and dehumidifiers were in place within 2 hours.  The following morning the same team arrived and removed all damaged materials.  I would highly recommend this company to anyone who finds themselves in this type of situation.

- D. Schanen

- The Whitley Story

One of the best companies I have ever worked with.  Outstanding service!!!

- J. Casella

Avery professional group of individuals.  ben and Matt both did a good job or not only taking care of the water damage in our house but going out of their way to help us when we told them what we wanted to replace the damaged floors with.  They were out to my house the same day the insurance company called them and made sure the damage was not any worse than it already was.  Would highly recommend them to anyone!

- M. Zelinski

WOW - Southeast Restoration is amazing.  Great response to our water leak.  Every single person was knowledgeable, professional, showed genuine concern for our situation.  Beyond our best expectations!!!

- R. Stricker

These guys did a great job on my home.  Everyone from top to bottom were professional.  Thank you Trent, Justin, Tiffany and Dylan for making this restoration to my home a pleasant experience.  God Bless each and everyone at Southeast Restoration.

- A. Franklin

Southeast Restoration is a very good company!!!  The representative always returned my calls in a timely manner...very personable...very helpful...was an answer to our prayers!!! Will use them again if the need arises!!!

- A. Bryant

Dylan and everyone were great to work with, returned my calls quickly and were happy to answer any of my questions.  Did a very good job repairing my home and cleaned up completely.  Would recommend them to anyone anytime!

- T. Prescott

Southeast Restoration did an excellent job restoring our home from unfortunate, unexpected water damage.  They managed our expectations regarding scheduling, so we knew what really was going on and we were never frustrated due to any delays in the project.  The work done was superior.  We would highly recommend Southeast Restoration.

- E. Norris

Completed work quickly and efficiently. Very knowledgeable and answered all my questions professionally!

- A. Adcock

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- The Davis Story

I have been very pleased with the work of the construction crew that was contracted by Southeast Restoration Group to service the needed repairs to my home after recent storm damage. I particularly want to thank the contractors you used. They fulfilled their assignment efficiently and satisfactorily. They went over and above what is normally expected. I will recommend Southeast Restoration Group for future jobs. I have informed my insurance agent about how pleased I have been.

- E. TAJ

Southeast Restoration Group and Sub-Contractors,

Thank you very much for your hard work and efforts to give us the best possible restoration service and care.

- T. & B. Pearce

I wish to express my thanks and gratitude for all the work done for the repairs of my home due to tornado. Going through a tornado and its results is a very difficult experience. But thanks to Southeast Restoration Group and crew, I’m now enjoying my home once more. I am very happy with the results of the renovation. Southeast Restoration Group was very polite and prompt. I would certainly recommend them to other people in the future.

- R. Dvorhak

Thanks very much for all your great work. I think it (the restoration work) really turned out to be very nice. It is better than it was before.

- B. Gravlee

I just want to thank you for the great service. The world needs more people as kind as Dylan Owens. (Southeast Restoration Group Calhoun Project Manager) I wish that young man nothing but the best.

Thank you and God bless

- M. Hinson

I build relationships with my customers on a foundation of trust, integrity and industry experience. I refer Southeast Restoration Group to my clients because they honor these same values.

- C. Fister

We value our relationship with Southeast Restoration Group because they are timely, efficient and make our clients top priority.

- E. Moore

Southeast Restoration Group keeps me in the loop when my clients experience a loss. This kind of service and relationship is invaluable to me.

- J. Sims

I wanted to make you aware of the outstanding management on my home project by Mr. Jack Liu. I had some damage to my property as a result of storm damage to my roof. This took place in June; at the time I was also recovering from a major accident that had broken my back, my foot and my shoulder. When I first me Jack he came to see me with Mr. C. Lent from USAA. The damage to my property seemed overwhelming to me and I kept putting off the repairs because I just didn’t have the energy to get the project started.

Jack made an appointment to come and see me and go through the project with me. In his words “one step at a time”. Jack was very kind and considerate, it was difficult for me to move around and he was very patient and accommodating with the amount of time it took to go over everything. By the end of our meeting I was ready to get started and felt confident that everything would come together. Jack said to let him get started, that he was good at what he did and trust him and Southeast Restoration to do a great job and keep me informed. He certainly made me feel confident and glad to get the project started!

There has not been one time that I have met Jack or spoken to him on the phone that he has not been welcoming, informed and considerate. It’s not often that you come across a person, who exceeds your expectations, which you know is pretty high anyway. It has been a great job from beginning to end. Jessie, the lady who finished the project by cleaning the house was also outstanding. I was at home and had appointments, but she worked around us quietly and thoughtfully and did a wonderful job and believe me when I say I am very particular in my home.

I know people are always very quick to complain when the slightest thing does no go according to plan and never so quick to take the time to give positive feedbacks unless there is a chance of winning something and a pre-paid envelope. I wanted to take the time to tell you how much I appreciated the wonderful job Jack did in taking care of my project.

- C. Edgington

It is such a Blessing to get to refer a company that stands for Christian values. I know that all I have to do is give the referral and Southeast Restoration will do the rest as Gods light shines through.

- A. Norman

Our Family had a complicated re-build (house burned down), once the hurdles/speed bumps/obstacles were passed (all out of our control), My Team from SRG “shot out the gate like a rocket”. Example: I literally dropped my kids off at bus stop in the morning (the other day), when I returned the 1st floor of my soon to be new home (framing) was done. Next day I get to bus stop, The 2nd floor / roof done….To all out there who needs or are thinking about Hiring SRG, the comfort of having SRG on my side and advocating and protecting my home (thus family, during this difficult time) and interests, is a Blessing. My wife, 2 kids and I, say a prayer for these Guys (and all on their team) everyday and night. It is obvious our prayers are being answered. We still have some time till Job is done but what a relief knowing that I have SRG on our side. Special thanks to Chad and Jason, these guys have families also and they are Great!!! and always there for My wife and I

- S. Ragone

Southeast Restoration Group handled our repairs and restoration with the utmost care from beginning to end. After our experience with Southeast, we consider them to be a top-notch company that delivers impeccable customer service. Not only did Southeast deliver superior quality in their work, they also consistently went the extra mile to communicate with us throughout the process to ensure our needs were being met. In the end, Southeast exceeded our expectations. We have actually recommended Southeast to friends after our experience.

Thanks to the team effort of State Farm and Southeast Restoration Group, we are now back to normal and a stressful situation was made a little easier for our family.

- C. Freeman

Southeast Restoration Group is a living, working example of excellence. From their customer service and follow up to the driving of nails, this company raises the bar 
for all other restoration companies to meet. I honestly trust my referral to Southeast Restoration Group and I know my customers do as well.

- T. Patrick

Over a year ago, our home was struck by lightning. […] The next day we walked through the house with a team from Southeast Restoration to assess damages. At that time we agreed to use them to rebuild our home. Although the basement was completely destroyed and the kitchen floor was about to collapse, we did not realize the full extent of damage.

After over two months of cause and origin investigation, we were ready for Southeast Restoration to get to work on rebuilding. Permitting to shore up the damage to begin demolition and rebuild proved to be a difficult task. The entire structure was unsafe, so it took many weeks for it to be deemed “safe” enough to get in and demolish the damage and move forward. Finally, Southeast Restoration was able to convince the town to allow them to begin the work.

Demo began at the beginning of 2014. As beams and boards were uncovered, the amount of damage became more evident. Very little of the original home was able to be salvaged. Finally, almost eight months after demolition, our house was completely rebuilt to even better than new.

At the time of the fire, our home was only 9 years old and in excellent condition. We had some intricate ceilings and moldings that we wanted to rebuild to the same level of decoration. Our original builder had very high building standards that we worried might be difficult to meet with the rebuild. It was evident that Southeast Restoration’s goal was to return our house to a condition better than it was before the fire. All of the subcontractors used were highly skilled. The attention to the trim detail and tile installation was especially impressive. Along the way, everyone at Southeast Restoration was professional, accessible, understanding, and competent.

We are very appreciative of the excellent work done in rebuilding our home. We would certainly recommend Southeast Restoration to anyone in need of rebuilding of their home.

- P. & J. Zucker

State Farm recommended Southeast Restoration after we had a tree fall on and through the roof of our house.  The tree was an old pine tree that had dry-rotted from the summer drought of 2016.  After the tree fell from the fierce winds, it began to rain and the split level of my home got soaking wet.  It took two days to remove the tree, meanwhile moisture spread throughout our entire home. Southeast Restoration showed up on site and demonstrated care and compassion for our disaster.  It was hard to believe that my home could be restored to something comfortable and beautiful again.  But, due to God and Southeast Restoration – we are days away from moving back into our home. God is so good!

I highly recommend them to homeowners who have insurance claims.  They are truly amazing!  Their prices seemed fair/average, and the quality of their work was above average.  The project manager and crew were very friendly and will to go above and beyond for our family.  Special shout out to Trent and Dylan for their patience and longsuffering!

- S. Davidson

Southeast Restoration is definitely the place to go when you want/need experienced PROFESSIONALS!

My father’s home caught fire in July of 2016 and he was devastated, needless to say. Southeast Restoration was the company my father’s insurance agency sent out and since my father was getting on with age, and we, as his family, didn’t want him to worry about getting anything done so I took over the decision making for the home repairs. From beginning to end, I was informed about what was going on, was kept in the loop of any delays and was COMPLETELY satisfied with the result! They bent over backward to ensure that everything was done to my complete satisfaction! After the repair of the home, a storm came through and there was hail damage to the roof. I called Glen on a Tuesday and told him that I was in need of a new roof for the house and within a week, there was a new roof! I would, without a doubt, recommend them to anyone out there looking for work that needs to get done! Without a doubt, one of the best, if not THE BEST, companies out there. Reliable, communicative and above all HONEST!

- R. Stewart

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