Summer Water Damage

water damage augusta, water damage restoration augusta, water damage repair augusta, water damage cleanup augustaSummer is a potentially dangerous season for those who live in homes with basements. About 98% of residential basements in the U.S. will experience water damage at some point, but summer certainly comes with its fair share of risks. More importantly, some of these risks stem from water sources that you may have not even known could cause a problem.

But think about it: summer is typically considered a ‘dry’ season, with higher temperatures and less humidity. As a result, we overcompensate to stay comfortable and keep our homes aesthetically appealing. Of course, sometimes, these efforts do more harm than good when it comes to protecting your basement and your home’s overall structural integrity. 

Water Damage Restoration in Augusta

Fortunately, 93% of all water damage can be prevented, so join Southeast Restoration in taking a look at some of the most common causes of summertime water damage:

Front Doors

A number of potential defects that coils allow water to infiltrate the front hall during a summer storm.  For example, if the installer didn’t include a weather membrane under the door threshold, your front door and floor can suffer from water damage. It’s also possible the leak could be coming from a lack of a sill flashing pan, poor caulking on the sides of the door, a lack of a water membrane on the sides of the door frame, a lack of flashing above the door.

Sprinkler Systems

Sometimes, a broken component in your system can allow a big enough leak to affect your house structure. If your home is equipped with an automatic sprinkler or irrigation system, address any problem with standing water in the yard. Look for any debris that is stuck in the sprinkler valve – you may be able to simply clean it rather than repair or replace the valve.

HVAC Units

Summer heat can tax the HVAC system. The most common reason for a leak is that the condensate line that carries the condensation can get clogged. When debris or slime builds in the line, it can back up the moisture and overflow the drain pan. The water can flow into the attic or utility closet. 

Window Units

For some rooms in the home, window units can be a blessing in the summer. However, the drain holes at the rear of window units can get blocked from dust, dirt, and debris. When this type of blockage happens, the water that would normally drip out will be trapped and water will leak from the front of the AC unit and at both sides of the unit. Also, clean the filters or replace them to prevent any type of blockage that may cause a water leak.

Older Pipes Can Suffer From The Heat Itself

Extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, increase the risk of your pipes bursting. Here in Augusta, a lack of rain to cool down the ground and severe heat during the summer can dry out the land causing the soil to become looser. As this happens, pipes have more room to shift inside the ground as they expand from the extreme heat. If your pipes are older, they have a higher propensity of breaking as they shift around more than usual. Although this is unlikely to happen inside your home where the temperature is controlled, they can burst on their route from outside of your home to inside.  

When you need water damage services this summer, our team provides professional consultation prior to a full range of services: deodorization, complete sanitizing, air ducts cleaning, odor removal, and structural repairs. Southeast Restoration Group wants to bring your home back to ‘whole’ so your family can enjoy your safe, clean home. 

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