Signs Of Water Damage And Ways To Prepare For Cleanup

water damage cleanup macon, water damage restoration macon, water damage repair maconDespite the season, weather, home appliances, or water pipes, water damage can strike at any time. It’s always good to be on the lookout for the signs of water damage, since the longer water damage is ignored, the worse it gets.

Water Damage Cleanup In Macon

  • Look at Flooring, Walls, and Ceilings

One of the main sources of water damage is leaky/burst pipes. Since we can’t see most of the water pipes that supply our home, it is vital to pay attention to the surrounding areas. If water is affecting your floors, walls, or ceilings, you will begin to notice buckling, crowning, cupping, discoloration, or warping. Buckling occurs when the main floor detaches from the sub flooring which means floorboards will begin to separate. Crowning is the shrinking of the floor; consequently, the middle will be higher, and the edges will be lower. Cupping occurs when the sides curl upward which leaves the middle lower than the edges. Discoloration takes place when water changes the color of the affected area. Fading or complete color change are indications of water damage. Warping is any abnormal peeling, curling or bubbling. Ceilings and walls may also feel spongy or soggy to the touch. Regardless of what signs you are seeing, call a professional. It takes time for the water to soak through floors, ceilings, and walls; consequently, if you are seeing those signs, water damage has already occurred and is still occurring. 

  • Look For Stains And Mold 

If you have ever left a damp towel on the hardwood floor overnight, you probably noticed some discoloration the next morning. However, it disappears after cleaning and drying. The same thing happens on a larger scale if more water damage has occurred. Discoloration and water spots are a sign of water damage. Mold is also a sign of water damage. In fact, the prime environment for mold to grow is a moist, warm area. Most water damaged areas provide those characteristics; consequently, mold can grow out of sight. Call a water damage cleanup professional the moment you see mold because the chances mold growth is in other places are high.

  • Look Out For Odors 

Odors can come from sitting water, mold, and humidity. Occasionally, smell will come before any other signs. If you notice an old, mildew smell check appliances for water leaks and walls/ceilings/flooring for signs of water damage. The faster you act the better your chances against water damage cleanup.

  • Look At Your Bills   

This one may seem odd but can help diagnose water leaks. If a pipe is burst, leaky, or non-efficient, water bills may increase tremendously, since more water is escaping but not being used. Check if toilets, sinks, water softener machines, and appliances are completely turned off or if they are constantly running. 

  • Look For Old Pipes And Appliances 

The culprit of a lot of water damage cleanup cases are old, rusted pipes or old, worn out appliances. Typically, the flow of water within the pipes is quiet; consequently, if you begin to hear dripping noises or running water, that may be a sign of water damage. Have you ever heard your toilet constantly flowing or running? A similar sound will occur within your walls. Though this one is harder to help diagnose water damage cleanup, it’s still a good thing to pay attention too.

If you notice any of these signs of water damage cleanup issues, be sure to contact Southeast Restoration in Macron. There are dangers in cleaning up water yourself, so gaining the help of professionals will improve your chances of restoring your home.

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