Remove Flood Water From Your Home To Avoid Water Damage Restoration

water damage restoration macon, water damage macon, water damage repair maconOk, so the title might be a little dramatic! In practice, though, it really isn’t much of an overstatement. Water damage restoration is all about time. The longer you wait to begin the water removal and restoration process after a flood, the greater the damage will be. Even the difference of a few hours is enough to lead to significantly greater levels of damage and expenses for you. Here are four specific ways that “Or else…” can come into play if you don’t begin the restoration process right away from our restoration pros at Southeast Restoration in Macon.

Water Damage Restoration In Macron

Corroded Pipes

Corrosion in your pipes is a vicious cycle. Corrosion weakens the pipes which makes them more likely to leak. The water that leaks then leads to greater corrosion and well…. you get the picture. Make sure you inspect your pipes often to look for signs of rust and corrosion. If you do find someone, it’s best to replace your pipes before they leak or burst and cause even more severe damage. Lastly, it almost goes without saying that it’s critical you remove flood water from your home quickly before it has to cause further corrosion on the outside of your pipes. 

Pest Infestations

Pest infestations are nasty business. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a horde of ants, termites, cockroaches, or any other kind of unsavory pest drawn to the water. While there’s no way to guarantee this won’t happen, your best bet is to remove the floodwater as quickly as possible before any pests have the time to be attracted to the moisture and take up residence in your home. 

Health Problems 

Floodwaters can contain harmful bacteria and microbes that can make you sick and linger on your belongings. Toxins, chemicals, and contaminants remain on water-damaged furniture long after they have been dried. Leave that water in your home too long and mold, bugs, and fungus will show up. They can make your allergies worse, cause respiratory infections and add to a host of other health issues. In fact, one way to detect an unfound water damage problem is by paying attention to seemingly unexplained health problems. The mold from water damage can cause a host of health problems so if you are dealing with unexplained health problems you may want to look for some hidden mold in your home causing the health problems. 

Ruined Electrical Systems

Water and electricity do not play well together. Thus, floodwater around electrical wires, outlets, and anything else of that nature is a disaster waiting to happen. Once again, do all you can to remove the water quickly before it has the chance to do further damage to your electrical systems.  

As you can see, there are a multitude of reasons why beginning the restoration process as soon as possible after a flood is so important. Don’t let any of the consequences of this happen to you! Call us at Southeast Restoration in Macon, as soon as possible if your home floods so we can help you prevent the disastrous effects of delayed water damage restoration.

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