Looking For Water Damage In A New House

water damage augusta, water damage cleanup augustaIf you are buying a house, you have to go through a lot of inspections to make sure that you are getting a good deal. However, there are some inspectors that are better than others and if you are unsure what kind of quality inspector you have, it would be beneficial for you to do the walkthrough as well. There are several problems that are difficult to identify if you don’t have experience, but mold can be pretty easy to find if you know what you are looking for. Here are some places to look for water damage in your new Augusta home. 


Basements are known for being particularly damp, especially if they are not sealed well. When you are living in an area like Augusta where there are many older constructed homes, you might have a basement that isn’t sealed as well as you want it to be. This might not be a huge deal since many of those old basements are not used as living spaces. However, if you want to use them for storage or you go down there from time to time, mold can become a bigger issue. Mold and moisture can seep into any porous surface, and this includes many building materials. If the wood in your basement gets damp, it is likely that it could affect the structure of the home, especially if you have wood beams to support the floors. In this instance, you want to seek the help of a water damage restoration company that can determine where water damage is happening and can stop it, then remediate the mold issue.


Attics are prone to having mold growth as a result of some kind of leak in the roof or even poor ventilation. If you have mold in your attic, it may not be a huge concern as far as structure goes, but it could present a problem if it continues to spread or if the spores get into the air where you will breathe them in. Some inspectors will tell you that as soon as you fix your leak, and the moisture is not present anymore, the mold might just dry up and go away. However, in a place that can be humid, like Augusta, you don’t want to entertain this chance. It is very unlikely that the air will dry enough to dry out the mold and destroy it. 

Bathrooms, Laundry Rooms, And Kitchens

Anywhere else in the house that has an appliance connected to water should be a concern for you. Make sure as you are doing a walkthrough in your home, that you keep your eyes open for water damage in these spaces connected to water. 

  • Push on the floors heavily with your feet to try and feel any soft spots. 
    *Note if the toilet or shower are not sealed correctly.
  • Check behind and under appliances when possible.
  • Feel the walls for soft spots and moisture.
  • Make sure ventilation fans are working in the bathrooms.

Water damage can come in various forms and can have varied price ranges as well. Make sure as you are buying a home that you get in contact with Southeast Restoration to makes sure any signs of water damage can be easily dealt with. 

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