Handling The Damage After A Storm

storm damage repair augusta, storm damage cleanup augusta, emergency storm cleanup augustaAfter a storm has hit your Augusta property, it is possible that you will need the help of a storm damage cleanup and repair company like Southeast Restoration Group to help. There are several ways a storm can damage your residential or commercial property. Falling branches from trees or falling trees can wreck your roof, siding, and windows. Heavy rains can leak through your roof causing severe indoor water damage, if the water doesn’t seep through your roof, it can easily pool up and flood the inside of your home or business floors. Among other damage, debris removal is a common necessity after a raging storm has come through. If this is the case, you can always count on a professional cleaning and restoration company to come in and help repair the damage.

Emergency Board-Up Services

Board up and tarping are common requirements after a storm has damaged homes or businesses. If falling debris has caused windows, doors, siding, or roof damage, a professional storm damage cleanup company has the property tools and equipment to patch the damage. When areas of your property are not boarded up or tarped, they are left exposed to outside elements that can cause more damage. Among the elements are heavy winds, rain or snow, animals, and vandals. You can help minimize potential damage to your property by reaching out to an emergency restoration crew to secure your property immediately after the damage has occurred.

Debris Removal

Even if a storm has not damaged your property, it is possible that it has left behind heavy debris and contaminants that pose a threat to your property. Emergency storm cleanup and repair companies have the equipment and manpower to remove heavy debris like rocks and tree branches and can also clean up any contaminated water that has pooled up near your property or inside of it. Contaminated water like sewage water or river water can pose serious health risks and permanent damage to your property if it is not cleaned up and removed properly. Don’t wait for the damage to increase. Be sure to call emergency restoration specialists who are waiting by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you prevent further damage.

Why Do I Need Professionals?

When a storm damages your property, it is at risk of serious damage if not cleaned up properly. Do not try to clean up or repair anything by yourself. Water damage and property damage can easily turn into bigger problems if the water is not removed and cleaned up immediately. Trying to dry water affected areas of your home or business without the proper equipment can expose your property to major mold issues. Professional restoration companies have industry-leading equipment that will dry the affected areas fast so that mold does not become an issue.

For storm damage cleanup in Augusta, you can always count on the professionals that are trained and experienced in debris removal, emergency board up and tarping, and water damage restoration. Call Southeast Restoration Group right away if you are in need of storm damage repair.

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