Fire Damage Restoration: The Complete Guide

Did you know that fires kill more Americans compared to other natural disasters? The data may also show that fire damage has worsened in recent years because of the increased presence of flammable materials in modern houses and business places.

Fire damages can be very destructive to your home or business.

Unlike water, fire damage will turn the various materials within your property into ashes in minutes.

A fire safety report indicates that while Americans had over 15 minutes to escape from a house under fire attack 30 years ago, synthetic materials in homes have reduced the escape time to 2-3 minutes. A place filled with synthetic furnishings will be turned to ashes in less than 4 minutes.

Much has changed over the past thirty years. So property owners need to understand the dangers of fire damage and the need for holistic fire damage restoration in Macon, GA. If you want to learn more about fire damage restoration and the overall fire damage restoration process in Macon, GA, reach out to our team at Southeast Restoration today.

Our team focuses on customer satisfaction while working on your property in the Macon, GA, area. Here is what you must know about water damage restoration, mold remediation, general damage restoration, getting your property back to a pre-loss condition in the Macon, GA area.

It Is Possible To Move Forward with the Right Assistance

Your life should not come to a standstill because of fire damage.

The good news is that you may take specific key steps to restore your business or home to its former glory (or even better) after experiencing fire damage.

However, you will have to be a little patient since the fire damage restoration process may take time.

Nonetheless, it is the only option available for you. Your goal is to get your property back to normal.

You may begin the restoration process after the fire is put off and your home is declared ‘safe.’ But, remember, the fire can stick to some parts of your home, like the ceilings, and the results can cause severe health issues.

There is a mental element involved in these types of situations because of their nature. You do not expect to have a surprise like this within your property in Macon, GA, and so you may be taken aback by it at first. Nevertheless, it is necessary to act fast regarding damage restoration in the Macon, GA area.

Contact the Emergency Department

Contacting the emergency department will help you save a few of your valuables before the fire consumes them. Most emergency lines will be operational 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

It is advisable to notify the emergency department when you get information about a fire incident in your home or business. The emergency department will send over the necessary personnel to take care of the situation.

The earlier you can reach out to them, the sooner you can obtain some relief for your property.

Conduct a Thorough Inspection and Fire Damage Assessment

It would be best to inspect the fire damage by engaging a qualified technician thoroughly. Ensure that the technician assesses exiting your home.

Tell the technician to provide insights on the next course of action. Remember, even though the emergency restoration team may have the will to restore your home to its normal state after the fire damage, the process cannot be rushed.

The right team will work with your insurance provider and note the necessary activities like mold remediation, water damage, water damage restoration processes, and more. Whether you find yourself in the Locust Grove region or other areas in Macon, GA, know that a professional at Southeast Restoration will offer a first response and conduct the necessary steps to move forward with damage restoration.

Whether they need to quickly speak to the insurance company about the water damage due to the fire incident or outline the issues that the flood of water causes at your businesses, the professionals at Southeast Restoration will be there to move forward with the process.

Check whether your Home in GA is Safe

Now, this step will depend on the severity of the fire damage.

The extent of the damage caused by the fire incident will determine whether it will be classified as safe for habitation.

At times, the fire damage may have left a huge opening that will need boarding up to prevent further problems.

Take Care of the Smoke and Soot

Both minor and significant fire damage situations will produce smoke and soot that will harm your home or business premises. Remember, the smoke odor remains embedded on surfaces like your walls and floors. Similarly, soot will travel in the entire property.

Encourage the emergency team to handle the fire damage to address the areas affected by the soot and smoke before things go out of hand.

Address Any Water Damage Issues

Even though the fire damage will be considered the most severe threat for your home or business, it is advisable to address other accompanying threats. For example, you may need to handle water damage challenges if you used water to put out the fire.

It is advisable to use a professional damage restoration service provider with expertise and equipment like dehumidifiers to prevent further moisture accumulation. Other equipment like industrial vacuums will help absorb and clear the areas affected by the water damage.

The right team will have core members that may range from a general contractor to others that can handle mold, flood issues, cleaning and will search throughout your property to conduct the necessary mitigation.

Clean and Sanitize Your Home

Your technician will start the cleaning and sanitization process after addressing the difficult issues associated with the fire damage. In particular, they will clean the home using foggers and scrubbers as they are designed to cover all the odors related to the fire damage.

Remember that the cleaning and sanitization process is essential in ensuring that your home is safe and inhabitable. The technicians will also help in the sanitization process to prevent further damages. Similarly, the technicians will be meticulous as they look for valuable personal items that may have been displaced for restoration and fixing after the fire damage.

Restoration Is Critical For Your Business and Home in the Macon, GA Area

After cleaning your home, the technical team will initiate the actual restoration process to bring your home or business space back to its initial image. The restoration process will entail making structural repairs, roof retouches, and repairing all the areas that may have been affected by the fire damage.

The technicians may also go the extra mile to replace your carpeting, address drywall issues, and even initiate other types of reconstruction.

Work with Our Team For Water Damage Restoration and More In GA

If you are looking for help with damage restoration in Macon, GA, reach out to our team at Southeast Restoration today. We understand that you want to minimize your problems with mold, issues in your structure, and other problems that can add to your costs in the present and the long term.

Request a quote today if you are looking for help with cleanup, repair, and more. We are here to make a difference and ensure that your property in Macon is restored to normal.

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