Ceiling Stains Equal Water Damage

water damage cleanup metro atlanta, water damage metro atlanta, water damage restoration metro atlantaMaybe it started as a shadow that darkened over time. Perhaps it appeared suddenly. It could be rusty brown, speckled grey or a weird yellow/green. No matter the color, a ceiling stain needs professional help from a water damage team like Southeast Restoration in Metro Atlanta. Instead of covering up the problem with paint, be sure to contact a qualified team that can help you find out exactly what the problem is and how to fix it before the problem grows. A ceiling leak could be a malfunction in your commercial roof systems or a leak with another part of your facility, such as HVAC units or leaking pipes. Using the correct type of contractor can save you time and money over the long run. 

Whether it’s the roof or an upstairs bathroom, whatever is above the ceiling is usually the source of your moisture problem. It’s also not uncommon for water to run along rafters or piping before dropping onto your ceiling, hiding the exact spot of the intrusion.

The Water Stain Comes Last

Don’t try to fix the stain or any damaged drywall or plaster until you’re sure the moisture problem is solved. Get a water softening system if you have hard water in your pipes. Remove the old caulking before putting on the new layer. Make sure your entire roof is inspected for possible damage.


Many roofs have accessories attached such as skylights, air vents, plumbing vents and more. These areas are not seamless roofing material, so they are vulnerable to leaks through the penetrations. This problem will show when you have stains around vents or skylights in particular.

HVAC Units 

HVAC units can cause issues in a few ways:

  • Improper installation around the HVAC unit
  • Water leaking from the actual HVAC unit (not a roofing problem in this case)
  • Water leaking from the unit on top of the roof causing problems if it doesn’t drain properly

Southeast Restoration will be able to fix the water damage but you might need an HVAC contractor, as well.

Leaking Pipes

Sometimes water stains are not caused by a roof issue at all. Leaking pipes in ceilings and walls can slowly drip water until a stain appears. Pipes can be prone to leaks when they are aged and withstand extreme changes in temperature. Start you search in the attic by identifying wet insulation or mold. 

Roof Flashing Failure 

Flashings are pieces of metal that are installed on a roof where two areas join together like around the chimney. The purpose of these metal pieces is to prevent water from leaking through the vulnerable area. Since the area underneath is at risk of leaking, it’s essential to keep your metal flashings in proper working order. 

Damaged Or Aged Waterproofing Membrane 

When there’s damage to the waterproof membrane layer from the weather, foot traffic, mechanical damage or any other numerous situations, it can allow water to leak through the waterproof membrane and saturate the underlying insulation. Most roofing systems last 15-20 years; this lifespan can vary depending materials used on your house. 

Watch For Mold

If your stains have yellow or green colors, chances are you have mold in that area. As mold grows, it becomes darker and more dangerous over time.  Again, fix the water problem, kill the mold, repair damage and THEN paint.

Water Damage Cleanup Metro Atlanta

Water damage can cause significant damage to your home, so hire a team with the training, experience, and equipment to properly and quickly extract and thoroughly dry your property following a flood. Southeast Restoration Group (SRG) is a full service licensed general contractor with six locations that serve Metro Atlanta. 

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