A Thorough Guide To Water Damage Prevention

water damage augusta, water damage cleanup augusta, water damage restoration augustaWater damage is one of the most common, and sometimes most devastating, disasters that can occur within a home. Anything you can to do prevent water damage from devastating your home is well worth the effort. Fortunately, you can prevent the vast majority of water damage incidences by being proactive and alert. Below are five of the most important methods of water damage prevention as suggested by out restoration experts at Southeast Restoration in Augusta

Clean Gutters And Downspouts

Clogged gutters and misplaced downspouts are one of the most common aspects of home maintenance that lead to water damage. Water damage happens when rain gutters become clogged to the point that water is unable to run through them. As a result, water overflows out of the gutters and floods the foundation of your home. As unappealing as it may be, don’t put off the chore of cleaning your rain gutters out. As for your downspouts, you simply need to make sure they are adequately directing water away from your home. The end of the spout should be at least five feet away from the home so the runoff doesn’t pool around it.  

Install Water Detection Devices

Water detection devices are very handy tools. They are basically like fire alarms but for preventing flooding. You should strategically place them throughout your home in areas likely to flood like like your bathrooms, kitchen, and basement. Then, if moisture levels rise above a certain point, they will set off an alarm and notify you that a flood is occurring

Monitor Your Water Bill

Looking for anomalies in your water bill is a great way to detect unseen leaks in and around your home. All you need to do is have an idea of your typical water bill for each month and take note if there is a significant difference in your current water bill. If it is much higher for no apparent reason, there is a good chance that something is leaking near your home potentially causing water damage. 

Maintain Your Appliances

Your appliances can quickly become a source of severe flooding. The appliances most notorious for causing water damage are refrigerators, dishwashers, and water heaters. You should regularly inspect these appliances to ensure that everything is working properly, especially if they are old. If there are problems, make sure to have them examined without delay. 

Repair Or Replace Old Pipes

Burst or ruptured pipes often lead to the most serious flooding since so much water can come from them. Thus, you should have your pipes inspected regularly to ensure that they are functioning properly. If your pipes are worn out or damaged, don’t waste any time before having them repaired or replaced. 

We hope that you find these tips helpful for preventing water damage in your home! However, no plan is ever foolproof. If you do encounter any flooding or water damage problems don’t hesitate to give us a call at Southeast Restoration in Augusta and our restoration technicians will be right out to help. 

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