3 Additional Costs Associated With Major Water Damage Restoration

water damage restoration macon, water damage cleanup maconWhen you have a major water damage restoration project in your home or your place of business, it is more complicated than just hiring a professional company like Southeast Restoration. Though it is essential to have a restoration company on your team to make sure that everything is running smoothly and that you get back on your feet as soon as possible, there are other things you are going to need to consider as well. Here are some items you will need to see to while Southeast Restoration works on your home or business in Macon.

One thing that you might not initially think about when you are getting your home or business worked on is a place to rent out until the work is done. Your water damage restoration company can give you an estimate for how long the process will take, and that will help you figure out if the damage is extensive enough that you want to rent a home or stay in a hotel. Or, if the damage was done to your business, you will need to run some numbers for if it is worth it to rent a space or close up shop until the cleanup is done. Whatever you decide, make sure to discuss it with your water damage restoration company so they know what your timeline is, and also discuss it with your insurance company in case you can get some kind of reimbursement or discount.

Water damage can be completely devastating to a home or a business and it is important that you document everything. If the building is safe to enter, bring a camera and document all of the items that were damaged. You may need the help of your water damage restoration company to document some things. Your restoration company will be able to tell you if certain items can be restored and which ones need to be documented and tossed. Once you have all this information, contact your insurance company with the list of items damaged and your estimate for how much they will cost. You will have an agent working with you to make sure you get reimbursed for everything.

Many water damage occurrences happen without any health concerns, but there are some that can cause health issues that you will need to deal with. Mold is a common health concern associated with water damage in the home, and you will need to be in contact with your health insurance while you are dealing with these issues. Another less common, but very serious health concern associated with water damage is coming into contact with dirty water. Water from sewers is the dirtiest water you can come into contact with, and if you do have any sewer issues, call a professional right away.

Throughout the following weeks, you should try to be aware of any possible indicators that you have been infected.
Experiencing water damage can be a real pain, but it is important to have a water damage restoration company to help you with your repairs. In fact, your restoration company can be invaluable not only for repairs and cleanup for also for when you are trying to document things for your homeowners and health insurance companies.

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